Staying Informed

When the earthquake struck, one of the only means of communication on the island was through the use of a ham radio. Now Haiti has a permanent license, and can talk with UM’s Miller School of Medicine. Here in the U.S., Haitians turned to social media for their news and information.

The Role of (Social) Media

Haitians living in Miami turned to radio, television, and social media to get news about the earthquake.

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Signals of Hope

Wireless station is still pursuing its four-word mission: To help save lives.

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Through His Lens

Pulitzer Prize-winning Miami Herald photographer and UM Alumni Patrick Farrell recounts the images that confronted him after the earthquake.

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RSMAS Helps Assess Future Risks

Following the earthquake, scientists analyzed fault lines in Haiti to identify potential threats.

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A Look Back at Haiti’s History

A UM researcher pens a book about the history and legacy of laws against the Vodou religion in Haiti.

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