Knowledge and Hope

From a student who wants to empower young Haitians to be change agents, to UM educators providing mental health services training, the University of Miami’s faculty and students are sharing knowledge, experiencing optimism, and finding hope in the hemisphere’s poorest nation.

Fueling Dreams and Hope

A University of Miami senior is working to establish an annual summer camp that empowers young Haitians to be change agents.

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Improving the Health of Mothers and Newborns

The School of Nursing and Health Studies wants to establish the first nurse-midwife program as a pilot in the southwest region of Haiti.

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Addressing Mental Health Issues

The School of Education and Human Development and the School of Nursing and Health Studies are training Haitians to provide mental health services where needed.

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Survivor Thinks Often of Haiti

UM student Kristina Rosales was in Haiti in 2010, and hopes the country can recover more quickly.

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A Need to Go Back

After witnessing the earthquake in 2010, UM student Arielle Duperval returns to Haiti to volunteer.

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Shifting Perspectives

On a trip to Haiti in 2013, student volunteers are impacted by their time caring for poor and abandoned children.

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