A Snapshot
in Time

A time capsule, containing an article about the Haiti earthquake and relief efforts, was buried at the School of Communication courtyard in October 2014.

One evening in late October 2014, the University of Miami Haitian student organization Planet Kreyol gathered at the School of Communication courtyard to celebrate the unveiling of a time capsule that was buried there in 2004.

Found inside the capsule were a variety of objects including a Haitian flag, a 2004 news article from The Miami Hurricane about Unity Day (an event the organization once organized), a UM tuition bill from 2004, Haitian art and poetry, and letters that students wrote to themselves and future Planet Kreyol members.

To commemorate the unearthing, a number of students, faculty, staff, and alumni gathered as a part of their Homecoming 2014 festivities to listen to speeches by Patricia Whitely, vice president for Student Affairs; Daniel Best, Planet Kreyol advisor from 1999-2004; and Freslaine Tasha St. Louis, the 2004 Planet Kreyol president.

As a conclusion to the ceremonies another time capsule was buried with instructions for its unearthing in 20 years, during Homecoming 2034.

“I believe in the importance of preserving history and traditions. By reburying a new time capsule, we hope that the future members of Planet Kreyol will be inspired to continue sharing the Haitian culture on and off campus,” says Guerdiana Thelomar, the current Planet Kreyol president.

Recognizing the historical importance of the Haiti earthquake, students placed a news article about the earthquake, flyers about various relief efforts, and a video about the disaster into the time capsule.

The University of Miami Haitian student organization, Planet Kreyol, buried a time capsule on the grounds of the School of Communication in October, 2014. The capsule contained items related to the 2010 earthquake to strike Port-au-Prince.