Web and Digital

Design and management of the University’s miami.edu homepage and its vast network of top-tier websites are the responsibility of the Web and Digital team. The group also administers and governs the University’s web content management systems, assists academic and administrative units with website development, and deploys digital displays and mobile solutions.

Our Web and Digital team officially supports two content management systems, Cascade CMS and ExpressionEngine CMS. Cascade is the centralized, enterprise content management system utilized by the University of Miami. 

The University of Miami’s main website, miami.edu, and top-tier subsites are managed by our expert Web and Digital team. To update information, images, or videos, please request assistance or sign up for bimonthly basic training.

For assistance with on-campus digital signage on flat screens, kiosk touch displays, and digital campus maps to help students, alumni, and visitors find their way, please contact our Web and Digital team for fast support.