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June 29, 2016

Dear University of Miami Community,

Thank you for the comments and questions you have shared on the draft Roadmap Initiatives, which chart bold opportunities for UMís next century. This week we are highlighting the Hemispheric University Consortium, a strategy to enable UM to collaborate and build knowledge and capacity with other organizations across the hemisphere. The draft plan leverages UMís significant work in the hemisphere, and outlines a structure for the University to lead a consortium to advance research and education in the hemisphere, facilitating joint degree and accreditation programs and training opportunities.

Read the short Hemispheric University Consortium paper and add your comments.

  • What additional criteria should be used to select consortium members?
  • In addition to the initiatives identified in the paper, are there other areas that leverage UMís strength that should be considered?

We appreciate your feedback on the Hemispheric University Consortium paper and welcome your questions and ideas on the Roadmap Initiative website, through the hashtag #UMRoadmap, or via email. We will host a web chat on Wednesday, August 24 to answer questions live and submitted in advance.

Thank you for helping to build the future of the University of Miami.

Office of the President