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April 29, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your tremendous support of our first-ever Week of Well-Being. It was exciting to see so many faculty, staff, and students engaged in advancing their overall well-being. At the close of the week, we asked for your feedback. Overall, the University community showed great enthusiasm about the series of events, and 78 percent of respondents indicated that they will take steps to improve their health using the information they learned. You can view a summary of the survey results here.

This month we focus on another dimension of well-being: financial wellness. Whether you are focused on day-to-day expenses, have just begun saving, or are nearing retirement, it is important to have a realistic financial plan in place that will help you take charge of your personal finances. To help you through your financial journey, I invite you to click the adjoining graphic to view a video about UM’s retirement savings program and to visit the websites listed below:

I am also excited to introduce the 2013 Well ’Canes Wellness Incentive Program. Faculty and staff enrolled in the UM/Aetna medical plan as primary subscribers are eligible to participate and earn up to $300. Administered through the PureWellness website, this program allows you to track healthy habits and earn points for your accomplishments. Please click here to learn more about this new program, including details on how to register with PureWellness and a list of frequently asked questions.

For upcoming wellness events and additional resources that can help you continue to improve your well-being, visit the Well ’Canes website.

Thank you, and have a healthy day.

Nerissa E. Morris
Vice President, Human Resources
Chair, UM Wellness Advisory Council