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December 12, 2014

Dear Hurricanes Family,

Although it may seem that we’re different – as individuals or groups – we actually have a great deal in common. All people want to be happy, and all people face problems. Racism is everyone’s problem. Right now, as a nation and as a campus community, we must face this painful and divisive issue with openness, courage, and deep respect for our differences. We want to get this right. That means there’s no room for hate or intolerance.

In a perfect world, we would cherish all people—without exception. We’re not perfect yet. But we can and should value all individuals and regard their well-being as important. While we should be mindful of this all year, we should be particularly aware during this special time of year.

We are a community united by a common purpose—that is, “At the U, we transform lives through teaching, research, and service.”

My wish to you in this precious holiday season is to cultivate an open mind and heart, to nurture respect and tolerance, and to live in harmony with and consideration of others.

Building a Better U Together
At the U, we transform lives through teaching, research and service

Here’s to the delight of fellowship and the hard work of caring for one another.